Social Justice Movement

Composition du Gouvernement Congolais en Exile:

Président Chef du Gouvernement: Name: Okito Tongomo, City: London, United Kingdom, Tel: 0044 7961325167; E-mail : tongomo@hotmail.com; Twitter : @tongomo

Profile : Voici l’ homme sur qui reponse le development de notre pays la RDC

Qualify Lecturer in UK

  1. Lecturer in Westminster University
  2. Lecturer Walton University
  3. Schools & College Lecturer & Teacher
  4. Community Sponsor & Former Immigration Adviser

Other Jobs

  1. Congolese Support Group: Founder & President
  2. Elected Leader of DR Congolese in the Diaspora & Co-founder of DR Congolese Resistance Movement.
  3. Permanent UK Citizens Trustee
  4. Founder of Congo for Labour & Board Member of the Party
  5. Founder & Board Member of Congolese & Jewish Relationship
  6. Former President of Peace & Justice Commission Catholic Church
  7. Appointed Member of AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA)
  8. Appointed Board Member of Institute for Global Change
  9. Hospital Oxy Man & Emergency Department Care Worker
  10. Own Personal Business

Education: (Greenwich University, Cambridge University, Queen Mary University and Middlesex University & Unaccomplished degree at the University of Kinshasa)

PGCE: In Education (Greenwich University) UK

MSc: International Politic and Law (Cambridge University) UK

LLB: Study International Dispute Resolution & Immigration (QM University) UK

BSc Honours Degree: Computer Science (Middlesex University) UK

Advanced High Diploma:  Leadership & Andragogy (QM University) UK


Defending and Speaking for Voice less, Reading, Watching current affairs, Creating link, value sharing, urging justice and helping other Making difference  & Accountability, Swimming & Football

Membre du Gouvernement

Commissaire spécial aux Affaires étrangères et Coopération Internationale

Name: Dieudonne Pengo Bokete, City: London, UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Défense et Sécurité

Name: Colonel Mohammed Kongolo, City: London UK Hollande (France Lion)

Commissaire spécial chargé de Congolais de la Diaspora et du retour au bercail.

Name: Father John (Nigeria) & John Ohombe, City: Nigeria/ ITALY/UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’Intérieure et reforme territoriale

Name: Betty Bopete, City: London UK assisted by second in Belgium

Commissaire spécial chargé des Finances

Name: Jules Lohadjola, City: Paris in France

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’information et Presse

Name: Herline Falanga, City: Manchester/ UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’Education Nationale et formations professionnelles

Name: Brad’or Itare, City: Dublin in Ireland

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’environnement et changement climatique

Name: Gloria Mayele (UK) & Jolie Macassa (Germany); City: UK & Germany

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Jeunesse et Intégration Sociale

Name: Maliki Kongolo, City: London UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Jeunesse et Sports

Name: Fabrice Mupay & Eso – Commandant, City: London UK/Belgium

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Santé Publique

Name: Dr Ignace Kilobo, City: London UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de Poste et Communications technologiques

Name: Placide Kibebe. City: Johannesburg, South Africa

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Justice et Droit de l’Homme

Name: Sylvin Mbuba, City: USA (California)

Commissaire spécial chargé du Commerce global

Name: Bienfait Gakona, City: Australia

Commissaire spécial chargé de la Culture arts et Tourisme

Name: Ondo Dikoko Webe, City: Johannesburg/ South Africa

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’agriculture et développement rural

Name: Charlene Kalonji & Chirelle Kalaki, City: London UK/ DR Congo

Commissaire spécial chargé de Transport National urbain contemporain

Name: Lufuluabo Beya Mike, City: Cardiff/UK

Commissaire spécial chargé de transport rural, fluvial et réseaux ferroviaires

Name: Prof Jules Ilunga, City: DR Congo (Kinshasa)

Commissaire spécial chargé de l’industrie Minérale.

Name: Johnny Kisesa, City: Scotland/uk

Commissaire spécial charge Petites et Moyennes entreprises

Name: Michel Lokombo Ndjovu, City: Johannesburg/ South Africa

Commissaire spécial chargé du plan

Name: Charles Asombo, City: Toronto, Canada

Commissaire spécial en chargé de l’économie national et du portefeuille

Name:Bubul Bulambu, City: Quebec/ Canada

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