Social Justice Movement

Public Relation C

Our Public Relation Director Fabrice Mumpay

Hugue Didier Otshudi , Campaign officer

Public Relation

Working with the relevant media groups to portray the right images of the Congolese people in the Diaspora and to empower and give voice to the voiceless, Mainly promoting true images of our community, updating our website, creating ID card, Leaflet, Fly and publicities, using other skills such knowledge on marketing, and Create Evening and Weekend recreation for learning, women, disable, adults and young people activities.
“The Congolese Support Group conducts a range of activities in pursuit of its aims.  These can be grouped under our five Commissions:
1. Evaluate the current situation of our country the DR Congo, and propose the future improvement.
2. Immigrations (Asylum seekers, Refugee, Deportation, Removal, 3. Regularisations for long stay) Help and provide adequate assistance to all DR Congolese citizen in United Kingdom.
4. Integration (Changed to Education) promote education amount our people, open a home work club for our children’s in United Kingdom and plan future involvement in DR Congo.
5. Unity, work together, support this organisation (CSG) and the current chairman (Okito) ideology so we can speak one voice.
6. Provide some cultural and modern advise and assistance to woman, promoting young’s to learn new knowledge
The relief of persons who are in condition of poverty, sickness, by providing such persons with adequate representation, translation and interpreting for those who can not read and speak English, carry on proving assistance in matters such as immigration, money debts, welfare benefits, housing, health, education, training and employment, in order that they may participate fully in society.
Fight for justice for our people in DR Congo and around the global
Support and work very closely with all organisations that fight for justice, climate change, and rebuilds public support.

Currently Registered as member of South London Citizen

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