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Chronological Date of Killing

Chronological dates of Killing Civilian by Mr Kabila’s since 2015 until now

Betty Bopete Vice general secretary, Fabrice Mupey Public relation Director, Gloria Mayele Vice Director of Education and integration commission, Hugues Otshudi and others strategy team show to the world all the crimes committed by Kabila regime

Kabila, who has ruled mineral-rich DRC since 2001, is banned under the constitution from running for a third term – but he has given no sign of intending to give up his job, and has decided to impose military regime, using force to kill unarmed civilians, as diaspora we are organised and seeking any time of support to defend civilian,

In January 2015, over 50 civilians were shot dead by Mr Kabila’s personal bodies guards, over 750 arrested, and abducted included Member of Parliament and opposition activist who were illegally arrested. We organised public demonstration and launched online petition asking Prime Minister David Cameron to work with us and to urge an independent investigation into the late night burial of over 425 bodies in a mass grave in the DRC capital, Kinshasa. The bodies are believed to be of Congolese citizens who went missing during the anti-government protests of January 2015. https://www.hrw.org/news/2015/01/24/dr-congo-deadly-crackdown-protests

In September 2015, security and intelligence officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo clamped down on activists and political opponents who opposed political maneuvers to allow President Joseph Kabila to stay in power beyond his constitutionally mandated two-term limit, due to end in December 2016. Security forces shot peaceful demonstrators, jailed activists and political party leaders, and shut down media outlets, as the government increasingly resorted to violent acts of repression. https://news.vice.com/article/peaceful-dr-congo-protest-turns-into-riot-after-men-attack-with-batons-and-planks

On 26 May 2016, a police officer was killed by stone-throwing protesters in the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a United Nations human rights official said Thursday that week, as nationwide anti-government demonstrations erupted in violence. Protesters was also shot dead in Goma in the East of the country, said José Maria Aranaz, director of the UN’s Congo-based Joint Human Rights Office. 50 others were injured by gunfire, he said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-36386738

From 19 to 20 September 2016, Human Rights Watch senior researcher Ida Sawyer said that at least 44 people have died as political demonstrations turned violent. Opponents of the government took to the streets earlier that week to protest the national electoral commission’s failure to announce a timetable for the presidential election, due to take place in November 2016. https://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/21/africa/congo-unrest-protests/index.html

A week after on the 27 September 2016, At least 27 people were killed during clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital of Kinshasa.

From 19 to 20 December 2016, more than twenty people were killed in confrontations between protesters and security forces in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, UN officials believe, hours after the end of the second five-year term of the president, Joseph Kabila. https://news.un.org/en/story/2016/12/548462-dr-congo-heavy-handed-and-irresponsible-response-protests-could-lead-further

10 Apr 2017 – DRC CRISIS. DRC opposition protests banned. DR Congo’s capital Kinshasa was empty on Monday after the government warned it would break up opposition…. Republic of Congo confirmed that two kidnapped UN experts have been killed. One of the victims had been decapitated. (28.03.2017)…

9 Aug 2017 – Africa. DR Congo protest to oust Kabila. The opposition in the Democratic Republic of Congo is on strike. President Kabila’s opponents hope to force him to announce a date for elections. ….

The UN accused Kabila’s government of backing a militia that is killing innocent people in the troubled Kasai region. http://www.dw.com/en/dr-congo-protest-to-oust-kabila/a-40026401

15 November 2017, Police arrested 15-year-old Binja Happy Yalala during a peaceful protest in Idjwi, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, International attention on Congo has shifted from the Beni crisis to Congo’s southern Kasai region, where new massacres killed more than 5,000 people and displaced. https://www.hrw.org/blog-feed/democratic-republic-congo-crisis#blog-311588

21 Nov 2017 – Police and security forces killed at least 53 protesters during anti-government demonstrations in the Democratic Republic of Congo between Aprils and November a bloody crackdown swelled, a deal was brokered by the Catholic Church enabling him to stay in office pending elections to be held by the end of 2017. https://www.news24.com/Africa/News/53-protesters-killed-over-six-months-in-drc-report-20171121

31 Dec 2017, first march organised by Catholic Christian. Catholic faithful run for cover after police fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration to call for DR Congo President Joseph Kabila to step down on December 31, 2017 in Kinshasa. Eight people were killed and dozens arrested during the crackdown on the protestors. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/31/world/africa/congo-protest-joseph-kabila.html

21 January 2018, Second first march organised by Catholic Christian. Congolese security forces shot dead at least six people and fired tear gas to disperse a banned protest against President Joseph Kabila organised by the Catholic Church on Sunday, a UN peacekeeping mission in the country said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-42766151

25 February 2018, Third Catholic March. At least two people were killed and dozens more injured on Sunday when security forces in Democratic Republic of Congo cracked down on church-led demonstrations against President Joseph Kabila, the United Nations said.
https://www.reuters.com/article/us-congo-protests/at-least-two-killed-in-crackdown-on-march-against-congos-kabila-idUSKCN1G90DIGutentor Simple Text

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