Social Justice Movement

Summit 2018

On the 24 March 2018, in London the Summit concluded two decision:
1. Exil Government was elected
2. President Okito Tongomo to lead the government.
DR Congolese Unify for common good.
Delegates from:
1. United Kingdom 
a) England
b) Scotland
c) Ireland
d) Wales
2. Belgium
a) Anvers
b) Liege
c) Bruxelles
3. France
a) Paris
b) Lyon
c) Grenoble
4. Germany
a) Berlin
5. Canada
Supported over the telephone
6. USA
Supported over the telephone
7. South Africa
Supported over the telephone
8. Zambian
Supported over the telephone
9. Nigeria
Supported over the telephone
10. Indian
Supported over the telephone
11. Israel
Supported over the telephone
12. Malawi
Supported over the telephone
13. Other
Supported by E-mai


Diaspora & Regime Change:

“Last hope is the DR Congolese in the Diaspora to restore Dignity of our people and our Country, and to build an accountable relationship with our neighbour and investors”

VENUE:    South London Synagogue
1 Prentis Road, London, SW16 1HP
DATE:       Saturday, 24th March 2018
TIME:         13:30pm to 7pm

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Summit Synopsis and Motivation

Summit 2018 Honour Invitation Mr Jules Lohadjola France

DR Congolese Diaspora Political Summit Objectives:
The summit will consider if, in the prevailing circumstances, we can contribute for regime change in DR Congo our country of origin. (DR Congolese in the Diaspora to restore Dignity of our people and our Country)
It will consider the establishment of an exile governments
Evaluate criteria for a government of the people by the people and for the people.
It will consider if the separatist movements are effectively governments for DR Congo.
It will also touch on secessionist activities, any ethical values that can foster coexistence and expectations from separating nations.
It will evoke past methodologies on how Mr Kabila and alien came into existence, were using of force and destroying our borders help.
It will query the killing of civilian, unarmed protesters in evolving democracies.
It will introduce a new immediate strategy to free our country

Political leaders and DR Congolese activists from around the world.
Environment & Democratic leaders from around the world.
The Democratic Institute, Washington DC, USA.
Political commentators and analysts from around the world.
Civil Societies and NGOs.
Academics from top UK Universities & Armed dealers.

Political party leaders and politicians,
Party organisers,
Campaigners and activists,
Members of the public interested in understanding the ideas that form globalism, democratise, environments, exceptionalism, liberalism and patriotism.

One-day summit; taking the form of a keynote speech, panel of discussants followed by Q&A sessions.
The summit will have a morning and afternoon session.
The summit will rise with its 2018 bulletin in the annual series: DR Congolese Political Summit Bulletin.

Admission is free, but prior registration and vetting are mandatory for the public.
The summit will be sponsored through donations and supports.

Summit 2018, Feedback by Excellence Dieudone Pengo & President Okito

Summite 2018, Final Decision, President Okito appointed to Lead the vision, Exil Govenment Elected.

24 March 2018, First Diaspora Political Summit delegates during meeting

Summit Feedback, Jemie Hilto, FCO Africa Desk

Scandale President Okito supporter ready for regime change

Summit 2018, Pictures in a Video

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